Half Time; Second Year 

Halfway through my biomedical match and I must say the expression, ” medical school is like taking a hosepipe to the mouth and having no choice but to swallow”, couldn’t be more true !

The difference in workload and difficulty level is tremendous compared to first year. I remember being able to do whatever I wanted to because I would eventually take up a few weeks to go my reading ( I am the type of student who wastes his time in compulsory lecturers. I learn better on my own at home)

Well that’s not the case anymore. My old ways lead to being behind on a lifetime of reading ( excuse the hyperbole ). I strongly doubt that there’s a medical student  out there who will tell you that they aren’t behind on reading. However if you find one, I’ll show you a medical student who doesn’t feel guilty about ‘not reading fast enough’ when they actually do read. But those feelings along with that of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed are things I have become a custom too. A new version of me was necessary for this stage of life. Even copped  myself a handful of new grey hairs ( they will go a long way in achieving the experienced doctor look 😚 )



This academic year has been good, we no longer have to deal with the majority of the cold-hearted lecturers from first year. 97% of our masters are medical doctors. Every now and then when they take a break from dropping knowledge on us they chip in some helpful study tips as well as some advice based on personal experience ( oath a good majority failed second year back when they were students.. ). The highlight of those five minute breaks is the roasting each specialists does. I realised each specialist thinks their speciality is better than that of their colleagues.

The surgeons, ” the surgeon is the doctor by excellence. He isn’t limited to administrating drugs, if need be, he will open you up and like Jesus chase away the demon ( see problem ) …. In the beginning only surgeons were doctors, it is for the sake of job creation that we handed them certain organs and systems. Pediatricians are lazy, Pathologists are philosophers, gynecologists, are they even doctors? ”

The pathologists, ” All doctors will go to heaven, all of us. Whether or not the rest ( see lawyers, engineers etc.. ) make it too, is not our problem. If there was a VIP section in heaven , it would be reserved for pathologists. If we were to get in by order of speciality, pathologists would get in first. We are the closest to God, we understand the mystery behind his creating man ….    Surgeons are worthless little people who just want to cut into everything. Gynecologists aren’t considered. Why should we consider them ? ” 

I thoroughly enjoyed anatomy, especially the osteology & arthrology modules. Neurology has always been the goal but orthopedic surgery is starting to whisper to me. 

I look forward to the few months left ! 


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