Who am I

“We must believe that we are endowed for something, and that this thing, at all cost, must be attained”

For me this thing at the age of nine, was to be a profesional wrestler. Like Batista from WWE! ( I know, I know, but what did you expect ? They told me I could be everything I wanted to be! ( ˘˘̯) ).

Later on at the age of twelve, they told me to be something a bit more ‘serious’, ( A sort of euphemism for “ find yourself a profession that is more lucrative & respected in africain society ” ). So I turned towards the motivation of all human beings; Money. The devil’s weapon some would say.I decided to be a business man, the spitting image of Donald Trump. ( we are in 2007, with his t.v show The Apprentice & his infamous phrase, « You’re Fired». Nothing to do with the radicalised politician of 2016.)
I then felt better in my own skin. The subject science was now biology & technology was now physics & chemistry.I had ny head in the clouds, a whole lot further actually! I dreamt of visiting space. I dreamt of making men visit space like the egineers that work for Sir Richard Branson.
At the age of seventeen I experienced & lost the craziest of loves, said goodbye to a part of my family, left the country that raised me & tolerated my adolescent crisis, in conclusion abandoned an entire life.

After the Journey through this labyrinth, searching for the answer to the question « who am I ? », finally I had an answer!

I wanted to be a doctor!

I wanted to treat people.

I wanted to lengthen lives.

I wanted to give hope.

I wanted to be the hero in the white coat armed with a stethoscope.

This will, acconpanied by my inclination in science, resulted in me being at the University of Lubumbashi (UNILU), on the medical faculty campus, in the undergraduate auditurium for first year biomedical students on the 15th of November 2015. My first lecture of a 6 year & 18 months internship programme that will make me;
Dr Leyka Kalombo Moussa Franck.

It is for this thing that I believe I am endowed, and this thing, at all cost must be attained!


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