Yup! I support euthanasia.

In a world where men have come together around a table, in the name of who knows and set rules for the rest of us to abide by as though they were the founding fathers of mankind, I think the very minimal right each one of us should hold onto; is the right to call time on our stay in this realm. 

The news was on last night and there was a segment where a Dr was being interviewed. This doctor, who is now the face of the pro-euthanasia movement in Switzerland, had a story that hit close to home for me. Bear in mind I am not yet a doctor nor do I know what products to administrate to somebody in order to help them die peacefully.

This doctor had a wife who was diagnosed with an incurable medical condition. The type that over time will lead to the loss of vital functions but not before dragging you into an abyss of daily, minute-to-minute cycle of sheer pain.

One day, whilst alone with him, she told him that she couldn’t anymore and that he should help her die peacefully.
“You’re a doctor. You know what to do to make it stop. You know it will get worse. Why won’t you help me? ” 

I paused and asked myself, imagine what it must have been like to be in his shoes. In front of somebody you possibly love more than yourself. That somebody is rotting away (no sugarcoating allowed!), and between your two ears is a brain containing; 

  1. the knowledge that it will only get worse.
  2. the knowledge of what to do in order to make her death less painful.

Then I thought, hold on! I could maybe fit this princess foot into one of his slippers;
Not too long ago, my little sister woke up one ‘good’ morning and abracadabra had lost control of her lower limbs. Then it was her arms and digestive system. With treatment everything was back to normal.

Did you know they say lightening never strikes the same place twice?

 BOOM! Months later the problem was back and this time to stay! After various exams and scans the problem turned out to be a brain tumor so small yet so majestically situated that it was causing paralysis of her body from the feet up.The fun bit is it could not be removed.

Okay let’s recap on what my story & that of the Dr have in common; 

  • Loved one with incurable medical condition? Check!
  • Second party with knowledge that it will never get better? Check! 
  • Loved one who is begging for the curtain call? …

Now during the interview the doctor didn’t mention his response to his wife’s request.

One day I was alone with my sister whose respiratory system was now the target of the tumor. She once, & only once ( I emphasize this because I want the courage & resilience with which she fought to be clear as day ), after months of suffering and having lost her legs, arms, eyes, 80% of her hearing and other parts said, ” I’m tired, I just want to die ”

            ” I’m tired, I just want to die ” 

I thought to myself, “me, in your shoes, in half the time, I would have given up!”. But the Christian-faith reflex was stronger, so I pulled out the bit about “the will to live being enough to sometimes save a man’s life” 

Weeks later she passed on. 

Had we been aware of euthanasia and had it been legally established in law like in Switzerland, would I have spared her the bit of gospel? YES.

Is it completely absurd that men in parliament/Congress who you probably didn’t vote for, get to decide when and how you can put an end to your suffering? YES.
Is it absurd that these same men decide when enough pain is enough? YES. 

Euthanasia is defined as the practice of intentionally and painlessly killing a human being or animal for humane reasons, especially in order to end great suffering or poor quality of life.

There is nothing humane about forcing someone to live out their pain until one day their heart gives into the torture.
These people’s lives who you so willingly appropriate yourself from a distance don’t, “pass on”, “follow the light at the end of the tunnel”, or “Find their way home”.They DIE! after GREAT SUFFERING! 

and you sirs and madams show great sociopathic trait in opposing yourselves to their right to a peaceful death.

YUP! I support euthanasia


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